A Little Levity
fish on psychiatrist couch telling about his UFO abduction; Caption is "Catch-Release: the aftermath"

While anglers think about catch-and-release as the new kinder, gentler way of sport fishing, I wondered what it must be like from fish’s perspective. If you’re an alien abductee, your sympathies will probably lie with the fish.

Here’s another fish story (and you thought your relationship was challenging).

Okay, the last one I’m going to post tonight shows a couple of fish living in a small bowl on a window sill that looks out at New York City. This one’s on an iPad case. I should say that all of these cartoons come on other products–cards, tote bags, mousepads, buttons, magnets, mugs–too much stuff to list–but I post them here on products that display an image large enough for you to read the cartoon. Again, a little coding knowledge would help.

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