Romney and Ryan: Is Mittens Smitten?

Far be if from me to stand in the way of true love, no matter what the politics of the individuals involved. But I wondered as I looked through photographs of Mitt Romney with Paul Ryan if even they knew what looked obvious to me: Mittens looked decidedly smitten with Paul.

Using my well-honed woman’s intuition, I gleaned the likely audio to these pics of the two of them.

Romney and Ryan Big Grins, Arms around each other

“It’s like we can’t keep our hands off each other.”
“I know! Isn’t it great?!”

“It’s okay–lots of people react to me this way.”

The continuing love story of running mates Romney and Ryan

“Stop it–you’re making me blush.”

Romney and Ryan's Love "Kismet"

“You know, it was like kismet. It was just meant to be.”

Ryan explains that he and Romney didn't plan to fall in love.

“Look–we didn’t plan on this. It just happened.”
“God, isn’t he beautiful?”

Ryan breaks down, head in hands, Romney has arm around Ryan, consoling him

“I’ve just never felt this way before—and in front of all of these people!”

Serious Ryan with mike in hand speaks. Romney looks on adoringly in the background.

“Now hold on a minute. I’m past the age of consent here, and nobody forced me to do anything. Age is just a number.”

Romney and Ryan, each with arm around other, point with glee.

“Look, Mitty! That one has a view of the ocean!”

Smiling Romney and Ryan in the middle of a crowd only have eyes for each other

“Even in the middle of this crowd, it’s like it’s just you and me.”
“I know!”

Romney and Ryan look angry and stand apart. The honeymoon is over.

“Hey, he knew from the start that I don’t like dogs. I am not living in the same house with that smelly animal.”

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