HLN: Calm Down and Shut the Fuck Up

angry-mob-at-frankenstein-castleOkay, is it just me, or regarding the Jodi Arias trial, do the anchors, co-hosts, and guest commentators on HLN appear to be as bloodthirsty as Jodi herself must have been when she killed Travis Alexander?

Last night defense witness Dr. Richard Samuels testified that his diagnosis of Jodi Arias was “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” The ensuing reaction of the HLN commentators was as eager and voracious as a shiver of sharks being tossed raw meat.

Even while watching the Dr. Drew show, hosted by the constantly sensitive and empathetic Dr. Drew Pinsky, I was reminded of the mob-with-torches scene in the movie Frankenstein. While nobody can condone the heinous crime Jodi Arias committed, how different are we really if we lust for her death as she must have done for that of Travis Alexander?

And though we cannot and should not overlook her crime and what it has cost Travis and those who love him, she too has a family who also grieves and will forever question themselves as to what they could have done to prevent this outcome. And if this young woman is to be put to death for what she did, and she may well be, it’s not something we should anticipate with glee or ardor. It’s a tragedy for everyone.

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2 Responses to HLN: Calm Down and Shut the Fuck Up

  1. Kelly says:

    I agree completely. Every commentator, pundit, interviewer is trying to go over the top to make a name for themselves by going for blood. If rallying for murder is what makes us decent in a civilized society then I’d say we still have a long way to go. Justice and revenge are two different things. What happened to fair and balanced reporting? Sadly, many in our society cannot think independently and or critically so we have this pandemic rallying because society members listen to their media Gods. It’s very, very sad and it’s not civilized. Why can’t we set a better example for the criminals we punish. A lynch mob is the perfect picture of what is happening in this case. It’s like we are all back in center square with a masked man and a guillotine. They are praising a prosecutor who wants to murder someone. Ironically, the sole reason he is there is because of the very deed of murder itself. How does the death penalty make us more civilized than the murderer? After all that is said and done, the media and the lawyers walk away with society’s money in their pockets and it goes on and on and on.

Any thoughts?

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