Texas Troopers Vaginally and Anally Probe Women Roadside
Texas troopers perform roadside full body cavity search on two more women.

UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. Watch this video of two more women who are internally probed by Texas Troopers along the side of the road. And then share it everywhere to inform the public of this outrage.

Imagine driving down the road, being pulled over for allegedly throwing out a cigarette, and being forced to stand on the side of the road while a stranger probes your anus and vagina.

After pulling these two young women over, the Texas trooper claimed that he smelled marijuana in the car. (Yeah, sure, that old line). He called for backup, a female trooper to perform a full body cavity search roadside.

Odd that he didn’t find any marijuana, huh? Maybe not so odd that he didn’t even cite these women the alleged littering. Guess after satisfying his desire to humiliate these women and watch a little girl-on-girl action, he just wanted to go somewhere, smoke a cigarette, and replay the images in his mind. No, wait—he had the video. Pig, indeed.

Adding injury to injury, the female trooper did not bother to change gloves when going from anal to vaginal probing, nor did she change gloves when going from one woman to the next. You gotta wonder if she’s that careless with her own body cavities.

In the this next video, which I find a little difficult to make out, I’m not even sure a female cop did the body cavities search, though whoever did the search was not gentle, because you can see and hear the woman being probed cry out.

Share these videos and help stop the violation and humiliation of citizens by the police. It could happen to you next—Texas is not the only place this is happening.

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