Idiocracy Political Regrets 2016 T-Shirts

Like many Americans and some people throughout the world, I’m shocked and stunned that Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential Election. We’re a nation divided and somehow we’re supposed to come together now. At this point I can’t see that happening. I am in hell today, so I’ve come up with a few T-shirts as therapy for my depressed mood. If you can’t change it, you may as well laugh at it. Do I feel guilty for this rhetoric on the day after election day? Not. One. Bit. Fuck them if I can’t take a joke.











These shirts are templates. That means you can personalize the text, images, colors, and styles. I’ll return with more when other progressive-leaning Zazzle shopkeepers are off their Olanzapine drips and recovered from their ECT.

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