Vaping Sayings and Art on T-Shirts and Gifts

So many people searching for vaping art, sayings and gifts so, okay, feast on these:



And just in case you’re on the other side of this issue, I found some things for you (but it wasn’t easy):



And now we return to the Land of IDGAF:


Vaping and rose flower
Vaping and rose flower by igorsin
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People vape all kinds of substances for all kinds of reasons. I say, Live and let live. But since I personally do not advocate using anything Big Tobacco sells, I needed to assuage my own conscience with this post. So I found this site, which might be helpful if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes and want to try vaping. I say, “might” because I have no personal experience with this company or their website, so caveat emptor, my friends. They claim their e-liquid is organic, vegan, and contains no GMOs:

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